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Week 2 of Legislative Session!

Hey, District 44 Fam! We are approaching week three of the session, and the bad bills are on the move! There is the Flag Ban Bill that has been getting a lot of headlines. "HB 901 would ban certain flags (think Pride) from government buildings and classrooms.

As Floridians struggle to pay their rent or worry about the cost of property insurance, the majority party has continued their focus on senseless culture wars and divisive tactics that won't do anything to help Floridians.

While they play silly games, we've been hard at work on bills that will address issues that our constituents care about the most. While they posture for political points, I filed a bill that would keep kids who have severe allergies safe at school. It's vital that parents feel confident about what their school district's protocol is should their child experience anaphylaxis while at school and need the use of an EpiPen.

This bill has gotten a lot of good press, and the Orlando Sentinel did a great job covering Sherry Isler, whose son, Lincoln, has allergies and requires an EpiPen should he have an allergic reaction. Recently, I met with Sherry in Tallahassee and talked to her one-on-one about why this legislation is so important.

We are working hard to get this bill heard on a committee, and you can help by joining our email list and keeping up with ways to assist with this bill and other pieces of legislation.

It is a genuine honor to work with the great people of my district and represent them in Tallahassee.

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